We took part in the #100DaysProjectScotland over on Instagram again this year. We were in great company with an eclectic mix of other participants, from one person making origami flags every day, to somebody making jigsaw letterforms from clay, to a farmer doing daily videos, to people painting, drawing, writing, embroidering, making glass, and too many more to list. 

There is a great community around the project and we would urge you to browse the almost 11,000 posts that have been made over on Instagram under #100DaysProjectScotland2021

For the 100DaysProjectScotland this year, we posted a Scottish brand every day and the origin story behind its name – a theme close to our hearts as we specialise in naming brands. 

Some of the brands we selected, some we were approached to include. One brand said they didn’t want to be part of it, but we didn’t turn any away who wanted to be included.

We invited Scottish brand owners and directors to tell us about their brands and the origins of their brand’s name, this gave us a broad spectrum of brands with very different names and styles of names too! Over the 100 days we have had 213 discussions across email, zoom, and messengers with brand owners and directors all about their brand names. 

100 Scottish brands – helping hands

This year’s project was carried out by our wonderful interns, Nicola Duffy and Michele Campurra without whom it would not have happened, they both know how well they’ve done – this name check is simply a public recognition of that. 

Both Nicola and Michele were Masters students in Dundee University who our founder, Andrew Burnett, had the great fortune to meet while teaching there – they were both stand-out students and will both be immensely successful. 

100 Scottish brands and their names

To see the full details of each of the brands and their brand names, visit our Instagram feed, to give you a feel of the scope and variety of the project, here are the cover pictures from each post and the brand names as captions.

100 Scottish brand names, what next?

Enough of these brand owners and directors were generous enough to agree to talk more about their brands that we have decided to launch a podcast, watch (or rather listen to) this space. 

We are also considering printing a book of the 100 Scottish brand names – again, watch this space.

There were so many brands that we spoke to, and so many more that we could still speak to, that it would be possible to do a similar project again next year.


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