helleau® helps brands to be seen, like they want to be seen.


helleau® was founded by me, Andrew Burnett. 

I am neurodivergent thanks to high-functioning autism, left-handedness, and bilingualism from birth. Basically, this means that I experience the world a little differently from most other people.

This lets me spot things many others don’t; it’s not fair, I know.

Since the late 90s, I have “done stuff” for brands from solopreneurs to nation-states. Where I have encountered the same issue more than once, I have very often developed a framework to deal with it again – that’s the autism at work I think. A simple framework allows for binary solutions to complex issues. 

I formed helleau® as a company to be able to bring my experience and unique perspective to help more brands, this is what we do.

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Unlike Andrew, Sophie is totally comfortable talking about herself in the third person. As helleau®‘s Number Two Sophie brings structure to Andrew’s creativity. Just like Andrew, she is bilingual speaking both German and English which gives her the uncanny ability to laugh at her own jokes in two languages.

Quite the traveller Sophie has worked in Germany (her home country), New Zealand, Australia and Scotland making her accent something to be reckoned with, as well as her substantial talent for keeping helleau® running smoothly.

With a passion for visuals and writing, Sophie thrives on crafting content strategies, visualising concepts, and expressing Andrew’s neurodivergent thoughts cogently for neurotypical people.

Outside of work she is a yoga teacher and enjoys nurturing her zen by taking care of her abundance of plants.

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