The Short and simple® answer is yes.

Photo by Tim Mossholder

If ever you hear someone saying a web address out loud… “double u, double u, double u, dot, mydomainname, dot…” you automatically fill in “com” at the end, at least if you are in the English speaking world you do.

Of course there are regional variations (like,,,, .tt, and many more) but .com is still king, it’s the domain extension that everyone knows. There are, in total, 1589 TLDs (top level domains) but none have the recognition levels of .com.

If you don’t own your brand’s .com, somebody else does – this can either mean that it will be costly to acquire (like was, yeah, we learnt by getting it wrong), or, even worse, there will be a website at that address which isn’t yours.

So, overall, yes, of course you need want to have your brand’s .com domain name.

helleau® helps clients find brand names which work, in today’s and tomorrow’s world.


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