helleau® works “with”, and “in”, not “for”, “on”, and “to”. It may seem pedantic but we take this seriously and, if you’re interested, this post explains why.

If we work “with” you, it means we have a mutual respect for each other. We learn about each other, we share our strengths and admit our weaknesses, we avoid assumptions, and we develop solutions together. We work with an understanding that we will both benefit from our work with each other.

If we work “in” your team, your project, your brand, or even your office, we learn about your culture, we become invested in your success.

Together. Photo by cottonbro studio

Working “for” implies taking orders, which means the solutions must already be in place and simply need executing. We will be the first to admit that we are not your best choice for execution, we’re best at the stages leading up to execution – helping you find solutions which work.

Working “on” is great for internal tasks, such as writing this blog post for example, but working “on” does not do client work justice. It means that this is just one of many tasks, projects, or clients which are competing for our attention. We are best when we immerse ourselves “in” instead of working “on”.

Finally, working “to” may mean working to a brief, working to a deadline, working to a budget – all of which are, of course, critical to any project. However, our greatest strengths are in diagnosing what it is that should be worked to, and working with you to help define these.


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