We all know how difficult it can be to stick to a plan, we only need to look to our diets (or those of friends and relatives) to see how people struggle to stick to a plan. Often when people don’t stick to a plan, or falter, they feel that they have failed and find it difficult to forgive themselves, or to pick up their plan again. Usually this is more the fault of the plan, and not the person.

Many plans which are difficult to stick to are difficult because they are over complicated, because they offer options and variations to the person using the plan. Unrealistic expectations for outcomes are also often a reason that plans are not stuck to.

Binary plans are by definition the simplest of all plans, plans where there are only two options; yes or no, black or white, do or don’t. Binary plans are also the easiest to stick to. For most people binary plans feel a bit too simple though, they don’t allow for enough options, they are inflexible, they are too, well, too binary…

Well crafted binary plans are often the ways that people achieve the most, for example people stopping smoking make a binary plan and stick to it. I say this from personal experience that stopping smoking is a lot easier than people are led to believe. Allen Carr recognised how easy it was and developed a method of teaching this to smokers who wanted to stop. Allen Carr’s Easy Way To Stop Smoking is the most effective smoking cessation method – because it is simple.

Brands are no different to people, by creating simple plans for brands they are more likely to stick to them.

helleau® creates simple plans for seemingly big problems, which brands can stick to with ease.


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