In our last blog post we talked about the Social Media module helleau® delivered in Dundee, in this post we’ll take a look at the Digital Marketing module we’ve just finished delivering in the University of Stirling’s Management School.

This was the second time we had been asked to deliver this module, and the first time we had been in person with students in Stirling after last year’s remote sessions. This time there were over 300 students enrolled in the module.

Like all modules we deliver, the focus of the Digital Marketing module is strategic, practical and seeks to give students both high level guidance as well as hands-on experience.

Some students are happy to be in a selfie…

For this module in Stirling we review existing materials, and record new videos where necessary to give the students materials which are up to date with developments at the time of learning.

Overall students have short lectures on a variety of topics around digital marketing, and four live sessions covering:

  • Setting up of a digital brand including website and social media
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Content and social media
  • Strategy

Over the course of this module, students are required to create a fictional sustainable brand in groups, create a website for this brand, share the website on social media, write search engine friendly copy on it, write a blog post, and create a contact form.

Then, individually, the students are required to write a digital marketing plan for the fictional sustainable brand they created in their groups.

Students are given advice on how to name their brands, using helleau®’s SCUMMY framework of course, then week by week they are exposed to high level concepts around search engine optimisation, content and social media, and overall strategy for digital brands.

Due to the sheer numbers, and not having all the groups’ websites yet, we won’t be linking to all of them just now, but may create a new post later which showcases some of these websites.

helleau® is proud to design, develop, and deliver Masters’ modules for forward facing Universities whose students value practical and experiential learning.


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